Water pump VP15


part number 421000H

Water pump VP15 [421000H]

A fire extinguisher for initial fire extinguishing filled with 15l of water and or a mixture of foam and water. The fire extinguisher consists of a container with cover, connecting pipe with hand pump, at the end of which, where applicable, can be installed a foam nozzle (comes with the extinguisher) instead of water nozzle. The container is made of fine galvanised sheet, which is protected from the outside with RAL3000 coating, which forms a protective coating enabling a long life time of a container no matter the conditions of the storage. The main parts of the pump are made of aluminium which enables high quality and long-term use.

USE: Fill the container with water and, where appropriate, pour the foaming agent which came with the fire extinguisher. A pressure is created by a hand pump, which enables the extraction of extinguishing agent from the container.

APPLICATION: VP15 fire extinguisher is primarily intended for localizing and extinguishing small forest fires, and is most often used for fire brigade training, various firefighting competitions

Not for extuinguishing fires involving electrical devices .


  • Type of extinguishing agent

    water / foam

  • Edition

    Regular Edition

  • Extinguishing media quantity

    15 l

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