Backpack V25


part number 422001H

Backpack V25 [422001H]

A backpack for initial fire extinguishing filled with 25l of water.

USE: Pull the hand pump out of the back support or disconnect from the holder, and connect to the backpack together with the connecting tube.

By puling out and squeezing the hand-pump you activate the backpack. By moving the nozzle from the medium to end position you will get a full stream or a mist.

APPLICATION: The backpack for initial fire extinguishing is primarily intended for localization and extinguishing of small forest fires with a full jet or mist of water, and also for extinguishing initial fires involving solids (class A).

Not for extinguishing fires involving electrical appliances.


  • Type of extinguishing agent

    water / foam

  • Edition

    Regular Edition

  • Extinguishing media quantity

    25 l

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