Fire extinguisher P1A


part number 501005H

Fire extinguisher P1A [501005H]

Pastor manufactures fire extinguishers under constant pressure in two versions : portable with a charge of 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9 and 12 kg and transportable with a charge of 50 kg of powder.
Due to the container which is under constant pressure of nitrogen gas propellant and its simple construction, these fire extinguishers are always ready for use. The installed pressure gauge, which comes with this types of fire extinguishers, makes it possible to review the status of fire extinguisher at any time.

USE: If used, pull out a safety pin , take the rubber hose in your hands and squeeze the handle to start the extinguishing. Aim the nozzle and the stream of powder at the base of the fire and, where appropriate, stop the powder leakage with a valve handle.

APPLICATION: Due to their small dimensions and weight, we recommend to use the fire extinguishers under constant pressure for extinguishing initial fires in vehicles and in households.
They can be successfully used for extinguishing all categories of fires except those involving burning metals and their alloys


  • Device type

    portable with stored pressure

  • Type of extinguishing agent

    powder ABC

  • Fire class


  • Edition

    Regular Edition

  • Extinguishing electrical equipment under voltage

    up to 1000V

  • Extinguishing media quantity

    1 kg

  • Workshop

    Nitrogen (N2) – 14 bar / 20°C

  • Temperature range

    -30˚C do +60˚C

  • Device mass

    2,1 kg

  • EN3 efficiency

    8A | 34B | C

  • Efficiency according to Croatian rulebook

    2 JG

  • Dimensions (diameter/height mm)

    85 / 290

  • Standard


  • Directives

    PED 2014/68/EU

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