Fire extinguisher P2E COMPUTER EDITION


part number 502013FE

Fire extinguisher P2E COMPUTER EDITION [502013FE]

COMPUTER edition consists of small portable fire extinguishers under constant pressure with a charge of 2 and 3 kg (so -called Clean Agent) hexafluoropropane(HFC-236fa), as a replacement agent for Halon 1211. Apart from being environmentally friendly (ODP zero) and effective, this agent is non-toxic, electrically neutral and clean - it does not leave traces after extinguishing.

i COMPUTER edition fire extinguishes are primarily intented for extinguishing initial fires involving computer equipment . According to specific customer requests, portable fire extinguishers from COMPUTER edition can be ordered as a luxurious model - with chromium plaed container.


  • Device type

    portable with stored pressure

  • Type of extinguishing agent

    gas Fe-36

  • Fire class

    Electronic equipment

  • Edition

    Special Edition

  • Extinguishing electrical equipment under voltage

    up to 1000V

  • Extinguishing media quantity

    2 kg

  • Workshop

    Nitrogen (N2) – 14 bar / 20°C

  • Temperature range

    -30˚C do +60˚C

  • Device mass

    3,7 kg

  • EN3 efficiency

    not applicable

  • Efficiency according to Croatian rulebook

    not applicable

  • Dimensions (diameter/height mm)

    110 / 355

  • Standard

    not applicable

  • Directives

    PED 2014/68/EU