Fire extinguisher S6+


part number 504020H

Fire extinguisher S6+ [504020H]

Pastor manufactures fire extinguishers that use CO2 cartridge as propellant in two versions: portable with a charge size of 6, 9 and 12 kg, and transportable with a charge size of 50 and 100 kg. The fire extinguisher activation system with a push-button is the fastest method of activation, without the risk of improper use.
The installed CO2 cartridge ensures the high reliability of the fire extinguisher through a long time , whereas the easy handling of nozzle at the end of the flexible rubber hose enables safe extinguishing of fires of all classes.

USE: If used, pull out a yellow safety pin and with a stroke or by pushing the button on the closure you will put the fire extinguisher under pressure, which prepares the fire extinguisher for extinguishing. A stream of powder needs to be directed at the base of the fire with pistol-nozzle, and where appropriate, stop the powder leakage.

APPLICATION: Due to their reliability, we recommend using the fire extinguihers with CO2 cartridge in industrial plants and warehouses, residential properties, hotels, garages, and in means of transport. They can be successfully used for extinguishing all categories of fires except those involving burning metals an their alloys.


  • Device type

    portable with CO2 cartridge

  • Type of extinguishing agent

    powder ABC

  • Fire class


  • Edition

    Regular Edition

  • Extinguishing electrical equipment under voltage

    up to 1000V

  • Extinguishing media quantity

    6 kg

  • Workshop

    CO2 – 130 g

  • Temperature range

    -30˚C do +60˚C

  • Device mass

    10,8 kg

  • EN3 efficiency

    43A | 233B | C

  • Efficiency according to Croatian rulebook

    12 JG

  • Dimensions (diameter/height mm)

    150 / 498

  • Standard


  • Directives

    PED 2014/68/EU, MED 2014/90/EU

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