Fire extinguisher CO2-5


part number 515001H

Fire extinguisher CO2-5 [515001H]

Pastor manufactures fire extinguishers filled with carbon dioxide in two versions: portable with a charge of 2, 3 and 5 kg, and transportable with a charge of 10, 30 and 60 kg.

The main characteristic of these fire extinguishers filled with CO2 is an easy and safe handling and effective extinguishing of fires within categories B, and especially fires involving electrical equipment and installations.
The effectiveness of the fire extinguisher is provided by the nozzle at the end of a flexible hose. Portable fire extinguishers are equipped with shut-off valves and transportable with draw-off valves.

APPLICATION: Carbon dioxide is particularly recommended for extinguishing fires involving senstivite materials and devices, because it does not cause damage or pollution.


  • Device type

    portable with CO2 cartridge

  • Type of extinguishing agent


  • Fire class


  • Edition

    Regular Edition

  • Extinguishing electrical equipment under voltage

    up to 1000V

  • Extinguishing media quantity

    5 kg

  • Workshop


  • Temperature range

    -30˚C do +60˚C

  • Device mass

    14 kg

  • EN3 efficiency


  • Efficiency according to Croatian rulebook

    5 JG

  • Dimensions (diameter/height mm)

    140 / 650

  • Standard


  • Directives

    PED 2014/68/EU, MED 2014/90/EU

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