Foam based fire extinguishers

Environment in mind: reduced share of fluorine in a foaming agent enables an almost complete degradation of a foaming agent with no environmental impact.

Portable foam-based devices

Pastor foam extinguishers are manufactured as portable models of 6 and 9 liters, and as mobile models of 50 and 140 liters. Portable fire extinguishers are supplied in two versions:

  • under stored pressure

  • CO2 cartridge

The foaming agent which is used as a filling for devices consists of an additive, a foaming agent concentrate mixed with demineralized water which prolongs the lifetime of a foaming agent for 6 years. The foaming agent in such a premixture is considered biodegradable.

APPLICATION: Foam extinguishers are primarily intended for suppression of initial fires on flammable liquids (class B), combustible solids (class A), whereas cartridge operated foam extinguishers successfully suppress F class of fires (oils and fats of vegetable origin) as well. All portable foam extinguishers are tested and certified to fight inital fires on devices under 1000 V voltage at a distance greater than 1m.

Fire class Filling (kg) Type EN3 efficiency Installation efficiency
ABF 6 lit. Pz6 34A | 233B | 40F 10 JG
ABF 9 lit. Pz9 43A | 233B | 75F 12 JG
ABF 6 lit. F6P 27A | 233B | 40F 9 JG
ABF 9 lit. F9P 34A | 233B | 40F 10 JG
Pastor foam based fire extinguishers

Foam-based mobile extinguishers

Mobile fire extinguishers are filled with a mixture of foam, water and additives. They are characterized by high model performance and simple use. This product is equiped with a special foam nozzle and a tube length of 5 m.

APPLICATION: Owing to their efficiency, we recommend the usage of these extinguishers in chemical industry, ports, boats, industrial plants, storages of combustible materials and oil platforms.

Fire class Filling (kg) Type
AB 50 lit. Pz50
AB 140 lit. Pz140
Prijevozni vatrogasni aparati na bazi pjene
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