powder ABC / 2 kg

SKU: 502013CAR

CAR edition

Portable fire extinguishers under constant pressure with a charge of 2 and 3 kg of dry powder ABC.
The devices are standardly equipped with a bracket that enables simple and quick instalation.

HOW TO USE: When using, press the yellow fuse and press the red lever inside the plastic handle to start extinguishing. Use the nozzle to direct the jet of powder at the base of the fire and, if necessary, stop the flow of powder.

APPLICATION: Multiple functionality, exceptional efficiency, small dimensions and ergonomic design make these devices an ideal companion in every car. They can be successfully used for extinguishing all classes of fires except burning metals and their alloys.

Filling: powder ABC
Weight: 2 kg
Dimensions (in mm) diameter/height:
110 / 355
Competitions, Firefighting exercises, Means of transport, Vehicles

53,13  (400,31 kn)

(VAT included)
Device design: portable – under continuous pressure
Type of extinguishing agent: powder ABC
Extinguishing electrical installations and devices with voltage: up to 1000V
Quantity of extinguishing agent: 2 kg
Propellant: Nitrogen (N2) – 14 bar / 20°C
Temperature range: -30˚C to +60˚C
Device weight: 3,7 kg
EN3 efficiency: 13A | 70B | C
Efficiency in extinguishing units: 4 JG
Dimensions (in mm) diameter/height: 110 / 355
Standard: EN3

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