gas Fe-36 / 2 kg

SKU: 502013FE

The COMPUTER edition consists of small portable devices under constant pressure with a 2 and 3 kg charge (so-called Clean Agent) of hexafluoropropane (HFC-236fa), as a substitute for Halon 1211. In addition to being environmentally friendly (ODP zero) and efficient, this agent is non-toxic, electrically neutral and clean – it leaves no traces after extinguishing.

COMPUTER edition devices are primarily intended for extinguishing initial fires on computer equipment.

Filling: gas Fe-36
Weight: 2 kg
Dimensions (in mm) diameter/height:
110 / 355
Competitions, Electronic equipment, Firefighting exercises, Hotels, Households, Server rooms

356,25  (2.684,17 kn)

(VAT included)
Device design: portable – under continuous pressure
Type of extinguishing agent: gas Fe-36
Extinguishing electrical installations and devices with voltage: up to 1000V
Quantity of extinguishing agent: 2 kg
Propellant: Nitrogen (N2) – 14 bar / 20°C
Temperature range: -30˚C to +60˚C
Device weight: 3,7 kg
EN3 efficiency: not applicable
Efficiency in extinguishing units: not applicable
Dimensions (in mm) diameter/height: 110 / 355
Standard: not applicable

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