foam AFFF / 2,5 lit.

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Portable fire extinguisher under constant pressure, with a filling of 2.5 liters (Pz3E) of foam. This device is intended for effective extinguishing of initial fires of class A (solid substances) and class B (flammable liquids).

Due to the effect of suffocation (AFFF) and cooling (water), devices with foam are characterized by a reduced risk of fire re-ignition. Once the fire is extinguished, a layer of foam is created that successfully prevents the evaporation of flammable vapors while simultaneously cooling.

Although the use of devices with water-based extinguishing agents is not recommended for extinguishing electrical devices under voltage, the specially designed nozzle of these devices enables fire extinguishing of electrical devices under voltage up to 500 V from a distance of more than 1 m.

Filling: foam AFFF
Weight: 2,5 lit.
Dimensions (in mm) diameter/height:
110 / 475
Competitions, Firefighting exercises, Hotels, Households, Kitchens, Residential buildings, Shops, Wood textile and paper industry

57,50  (433,23 kn)

(VAT included)
Device design: portable – under continuous pressure
Type of extinguishing agent: foam AFFF
Extinguishing electrical installations and devices with voltage: up to 500V
Quantity of extinguishing agent: 2,5 lit.
Propellant: Nitrogen (N2) – 14 bar / 20°C
Temperature range: 0˚C to +60˚C
Device weight: 4,8 kg
EN3 efficiency: nije primjenjivo
Efficiency in extinguishing units: not applicable
Dimensions (in mm) diameter/height: 110 / 475
Standard: nije primjenjivo

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