Ever since the production of the very first fire extinguisher back in 1930, Pastor TVA d.d. has been synonymous for exceptional quality of fire extinguishers in Croatia.

By following the newest global trends, market requirements and needs of consumers, Pastor succesfully exports to the countries of central Europe such as Belgium, where it is present for over 20 years, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Switzerland. Of course, Pastor is still the leading brand at the domestic market, as well as in the whole region of South-Eastern Europe, where we are traditionally present from Slovenia, accross Bosnia and Serbia to Montenegro, Kosovo and Macedonia, and in neighbouring countries, such as Hungary and Romania.

Apart from the sale of devices, our employees also offer technical consulting services to the clients primarily through aiding their choice of a suitable device in accordance with their particular needs, as well as making possible alterations on the device construction and design in order to meet their particular requirements. Clients can count on continuous technical consulting services – prior to the purchase and in all the post-purchase activities.  

Pastor 1930

Product lines

The production line manfucatures devices in three basic types,
within the weight categories (1kg-100kg fillings)

Selection of fire extinguishers in accordance with the Regulation on fire extinguishers.

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